Don’t Enable them….just “Free” them up!

Enable…Empower…Engage and every other word which is used to define the efforts and interventions designed to uplift and help women in pursuing their likes and life, leaves me with a sense of dissonance.

Women are enabled and empowered enough to have an independent life but only when they are allowed to design it by keeping themselves at the focal point. The problem is that they are asked to design and have a life where the center stage is set for others and they are at the periphery, trying to hop between the various other worlds as and when possible.

So instead of running campaigns which look more like privileges and favors, just free them up and let them be….free their mind space where they are constantly occupied with thoughts of looking after, ensuring things, providing nourishment, love & protection day in and day out to others. And yes this provision has to have variety, newness, quality and be cost-effective at the same time, which chokes her mental space. As a result, they lose focus of who they are and what they want, feeling challenged, trapped or stagnated in what ever they are doing!

Next time you interact with your mom, wife, sister, friend, colleague, peer or any women do give a thought of what she must be thinking through while she is having that friendly chat or running an errand for you. Unburden her from the worry, the stress the thinking creates and you will be enabling her in the true sense.



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